Commit 0ad6626b authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(setup-default-fontset): Add CJK fonts

for symbols and the other miscellaneous characters.
parent 9c4a9606
2009-06-30 Kenichi Handa <>
* international/fontset.el (setup-default-fontset): Add CJK fonts
for symbols and the other miscellaneous characters.
* language/korea-util.el (setup-korean-environment-internal): Make
char-widht-table suitable for Korean environments.
(exit-korean-environment): Cancel above.
* language/chinese.el ("Chinese-GB", "Chinese-BIG5")
("Chinese-CNS", "Chinese-EUC-TW", "Chinese-GBK"): Add a
setup-funcion to make char-widht-table suitable for respective
environments, and an exit-function to cancel that.
* language/japan-util.el (setup-japanese-environment-internal):
Call use-cjk-char-width-table with arg `ja_JP'.
* international/characters.el (cjk-char-width-table): Delete it.
(cjk-char-width-table-list): New variable.
(use-cjk-char-width-table): New arg local-name.
(use-default-char-width-table): Fix for the case that Emacs is
already using the default char-width-table.
2009-06-29 Michael Albinus <>
* net/tramp.el (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-directly): Set file
......@@ -565,6 +565,20 @@
(cons (car math-subgroup) (nth 1 math-subgroup))
(font-spec :registry "iso10646-1" :script (nth 2 math-subgroup))))
;; Append CJK fonts for characters other than han, kana, cjk-misc.
(let ((list '(("JISX0208.1983-0" japanese-jisx0208 #x2121 #x287E)
("GB2312.1980-0" chinese-gb2312 #x2121 #x297E)
("BIG5-0" big5 #xA140 #xA3FE)
("CNS11643.1992-1" chinese-cns11643-1 #x2121 #x427E)
("KSC5601.1987-0" korean-ksc5601 #x2121 #x2C7E))))
(dolist (elt list)
#'(lambda (range arg)
(set-fontset-font "fontset-default" range
(cons nil (car elt)) nil 'append))
(nth 1 elt) nil (nth 2 elt) (nth 3 elt))))
;; Append Unicode fonts.
;; This may find fonts with more variants (bold, italic) but which
;; don't cover many characters.
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