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2000-03-21 Stefan Monnier <>
* diff-mode.el (diff-mode-*-map): use `easy-mmode-defmap'.
(diff-end-of-hunk): Return the end position for use in
(diff-recenter): Remove.
(diff-(next|prev)-*): Rename `diff-*-(prev|next)' and defined in terms
of `easy-mmode-define-navigation'.
(diff-kill-*): Rename `diff-*-kill' (for consistency with the
previous renaming) and fix to use new names.
(diff-merge-strings): Use \n as separator: simpler, faster.
(diff-mode): Use `define-derived-mode'.
* derived.el (define-derived-mode): Don't autoload anymore.
Prefer the macro-only version provided by easy-mmode.el.
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