Commit 0afc861b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(read_key_sequence): Fix previous change.

parent cf591cc1
......@@ -7404,18 +7404,18 @@ read_key_sequence (keybuf, bufsize, prompt, dont_downcase_last,
= get_keyelt (access_keymap (fkey_next, key, 1, 0), 1);
/* Handle symbol with autoload definition. */
if (SYMBOLP (keytran_next) && ! NILP (Ffboundp (keytran_next))
&& CONSP (XSYMBOL (keytran_next)->function)
&& EQ (XCONS (XSYMBOL (keytran_next)->function)->car, Qautoload))
do_autoload (XSYMBOL (keytran_next)->function,
if (SYMBOLP (fkey_next) && ! NILP (Ffboundp (fkey_next))
&& CONSP (XSYMBOL (fkey_next)->function)
&& EQ (XCONS (XSYMBOL (fkey_next)->function)->car, Qautoload))
do_autoload (XSYMBOL (fkey_next)->function,
/* Handle a symbol whose function definition is a keymap
or an array. */
if (SYMBOLP (keytran_next) && ! NILP (Ffboundp (keytran_next))
&& (!NILP (Farrayp (XSYMBOL (keytran_next)->function))
|| !NILP (Fkeymapp (XSYMBOL (keytran_next)->function))))
keytran_next = XSYMBOL (keytran_next)->function;
if (SYMBOLP (fkey_next) && ! NILP (Ffboundp (fkey_next))
&& (!NILP (Farrayp (XSYMBOL (fkey_next)->function))
|| !NILP (Fkeymapp (XSYMBOL (fkey_next)->function))))
fkey_next = XSYMBOL (fkey_next)->function;
#if 0 /* I didn't turn this on, because it might cause trouble
for the mapping of return into C-m and tab into C-i. */
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