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......@@ -2043,7 +2043,7 @@ configuration files.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** The sentinel is now called whan a network process is deleted with
** The sentinel is now called when a network process is deleted with
delete-process. The status message passed to the sentinel for a
deleted network process is "deleted". The message passed to the
sentinel when the connection is closed by the remote peer has been
2004-06-07 Juanma Barranquero <>
* completion.el (completion-kill-region): Doc fix.
* format.el (format-insert-annotations)
(format-annotate-location): Doc fixes.
(format-subtract-regions): Make arguments match their use in
* simple.el (kill-region): Doc fix.
* subr.el (insert-buffer-substring-no-properties)
(insert-buffer-substring-as-yank): Doc fixes.
2004-06-07 Luc Teirlinck <>
* dired.el (dired-undo): Call `dired-build-subdir-alist'.
2004-06-07 Juanma Barranquero <>
* INSTALL: Clarify paragraph about compatibility between image
libraries and builds of Emacs with several compilers.
2004-06-06 Juanma Barranquero <>
* makefile.w32-in (bootstrap-nmake): When nmake'ing bootstrap on
2004-06-07 Juanma Barranquero <>
* editfns.c (Fuser_login_name, Ffloat_time, Fencode_time)
(Fcurrent_time_string, Fcurrent_time_zone)
(Finsert_buffer_substring, Ftranspose_regions): Doc fixes.
2004-06-07 Miles Bader <>
* xfaces.c (struct named_merge_point): New type.
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