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......@@ -119,7 +119,9 @@ struct frame_glyphs
/* highlight[n] != 0 iff line n is highlighted. */
char *highlight;
/* Buffer offset of this line's first char. */
/* Buffer offset of this line's first char.
This is not really implemented, and cannot be,
and should be deleted. */
int *bufp;
......@@ -137,9 +139,30 @@ struct frame_glyphs
short *max_ascent;
#endif /* HAVE_X_WINDOWS */
/* A vector indexed by vertical position.
Each element is a vector indexed by horizontal position
giving, for each glyph, the buffer position it corresponds to. */
/* Mapping of coordinate pairs to buffer positions.
This field holds a vector indexed by row number.
Its elements are vectors indexed by column number.
Each element of these vectors is a buffer position, 0, or -1.
For a column where the image of a text character starts,
the element value is the buffer position of that character.
When a window's screen line starts in mid character,
the element for the line's first column (at the window's left margin)
is that character's position.
For successive columns within a multicolumn character,
the element is -1.
For the column just beyond the last glyph on a line,
the element is the buffer position of the end of the line.
For following columns within the same window, the element is 0.
For rows past the end of the accessible buffer text,
the window's first column has ZV and other columns have 0.
Mode lines and vertical separator lines have 0.
The column of a window's left margin
always has a positive value (a buffer position), not 0 or -1,
for each line in that window's interior. */
int **charstarts;
/* This holds all the space in the subvectors of the charstarts field. */
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