Commit 0b46acbf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(byte-compile-form): Move the calls to byte-compile-set-symbol-position,

to avoid having two for the same symbol occurrence.
parent 9961365e
......@@ -2714,17 +2714,18 @@ If FORM is a lambda or a macro, byte-compile it as a function."
(defun byte-compile-form (form &optional for-effect)
(setq form (macroexpand form byte-compile-macro-environment))
(cond ((not (consp form))
(cond ((or (not (symbolp form)) (byte-compile-const-symbol-p form))
(when (symbolp form)
(byte-compile-set-symbol-position form))
(cond ((or (not (symbolp form)) (byte-compile-const-symbol-p form))
(byte-compile-constant form))
((and for-effect byte-compile-delete-errors)
(when (symbolp form)
(byte-compile-set-symbol-position form))
(setq for-effect nil))
(t (byte-compile-variable-ref 'byte-varref form))))
((symbolp (car form))
(let* ((fn (car form))
(handler (get fn 'byte-compile)))
(byte-compile-set-symbol-position fn)
(when (byte-compile-const-symbol-p fn)
(byte-compile-warn "`%s' called as a function" fn))
(and (memq 'interactive-only byte-compile-warnings)
......@@ -2735,7 +2736,9 @@ That command is designed for interactive use only" fn))
(or (not (byte-compile-version-cond
(not (get (get fn 'byte-opcode) 'emacs19-opcode))))
(funcall handler form)
(byte-compile-set-symbol-position fn)
(funcall handler form))
(if (memq 'callargs byte-compile-warnings)
(byte-compile-callargs-warn form))
(byte-compile-normal-call form))
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