Commit 0b4eec47 authored by David Engster's avatar David Engster
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ChangeLog fix.

parent 12fbe755
......@@ -11,13 +11,11 @@
`python-shell-internal-send-string' if available to query Python
for system paths.
* semantic/senator.el (senator-next-tag):
* semantic/senator.el (senator-next-tag, senator-previous-tag)
(senator-go-to-up-reference): Use `semantic-error-if-unparsed'.
* semantic/complete.el (semantic-complete-jump-local):
* semantic/complete.el (semantic-complete-jump-local)
(semantic-complete-jump, semantic-complete-jump-local-members)
(semantic-complete-self-insert): Use `semantic-error-if-unparsed'.
(semantic-complete-inline-project): Fix autoload cookie.
......@@ -28,7 +26,7 @@
* cedet.el (cedet-menu-map): Fix copy&paste typo in menu creation.
2012-10-08 David Engster <>>
2012-10-08 David Engster <>
* semantic/bovine/el.el: Add `semantic-default-elisp-setup' to
`emacs-lisp-mode-hook'. This was accidentally removed during the
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