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Fix some marks in NEWS.

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......@@ -219,31 +219,26 @@ the appearance of dividers by customizing the faces `window-divider',
two are useful to provide a 3D effect, or to better distinguish dividers
from surrounding display objects.
*** New functions are provided to return the pixel sizes of window
components, namely `window-scroll-bar-width', `window-mode-line-height'
`window-header-line-height', `window-right-divider-width' and
*** The new function `window-text-pixel-size' returns the size of the
text of a window's buffer in pixels. This allows functions like
`fit-frame-to-buffer' and `fit-window-to-buffer' to accurately fit a
window to its buffer as it will be displayed.
*** `fit-window-to-buffer' can now resize windows horizontally.
This behavior is controlled by the new option
*** `fit-frame-to-buffer' can now fit frames in both directions.
This behavior is controlled by the option `fit-frame-to-buffer' which
tells in which direction(s) the frame shall be fit. The new options
`fit-frame-to-buffer-margins' and `fit-frame-to-buffer-sizes' allow to
control the size of the frame and its position on screen.
*** Temp Buffer Resize Mode can now adjust height and width of windows
and frames. `temp-buffer-resize-mode' is now able to adjust the height
and the width of a window displaying a temporary buffer. The new option
......@@ -258,11 +253,9 @@ As a command, it was a special case of `C-x 2' (`split-window-below'),
and as such superfluous. After being reimplemented in Lisp, its
interactive form was mistakenly retained.
*** The functions `window-size' and `window-total-size' now have an
optional argument to return a rounded size value.
*** `window-state-put' now allows to put a window state into internal
windows too.
......@@ -272,12 +265,10 @@ Available only on X, this option allows to control over-scrolling
using the scroll bar (i.e. dragging the thumb down even when the end
of the buffer is visible).
*** New basic action function `display-buffer-in-previous-window' has
`display-buffer' display a buffer in a window previously showing that
*** New basic action function `display-buffer-at-bottom' has
`display-buffer' choose or make a window at the bottom of the selected
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