Commit 0b966e89 authored by Martin Stjernholm's avatar Martin Stjernholm
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(c-electric-brace): Work around for a misfeature in `expand-abbrev'

which caused electric keywords like "else" to disappear if an open
brace was typed directly afterwards.
parent 4036ed83
......@@ -498,10 +498,19 @@ This function does various newline cleanups based on the value of
(when (save-excursion
(skip-chars-backward " \t")
(not (bolp)))
(setq delete-temp-newline
(list (point-marker)))
(setcdr delete-temp-newline (point-marker)))
;; Set markers around the newline and indention inserted
;; above. We insert the start marker here and not before
;; the call to kludge around a misfeature in expand-abbrev:
;; If the line contains e.g. "else" then expand-abbrev will
;; be called when c-newline-and-indent inserts the newline.
;; That function first removes the abbrev "else" and then
;; inserts the expansion, which is an identical "else" in
;; this case. So the marker that we put after "else" would
;; end up before it.
(setq delete-temp-newline
(cons (copy-marker (c-point 'eopl) t)
(if (eq last-command-char ?{)
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