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(auto-coding-alist): Add knowledge of .sx[dmicw] file

suffixes for Open office data files.
parent 6e6b84ef
......@@ -777,36 +777,36 @@ PROPERTIES is an alist of properties vs the corresponding values. The
following properties are recognized:
o post-read-conversion
The value is a function to call after some text is inserted and
decoded by the coding system itself and before any functions in
`after-insert-functions' are called. The argument of this
function is the same as for a function in
`after-insert-file-functions', i.e. LENGTH of the text inserted,
with point at the head of the text to be decoded.
o pre-write-conversion
The value is a function to call after all functions in
`write-region-annotate-functions' and `buffer-file-format' are
called, and before the text is encoded by the coding system itself.
The arguments to this function are the same as those of a function
in `write-region-annotate-functions', i.e. FROM and TO, specifying
a region of text.
o translation-table-for-decode
The value is a translation table to be applied on decoding. See
the function `make-translation-table' for the format of translation
table. This is not applicable to type 4 (CCL-based) coding systems.
o translation-table-for-encode
The value is a translation table to be applied on encoding. This is
not applicable to type 4 (CCL-based) coding systems.
o safe-chars
The value is a char table. If a character has non-nil value in it,
the character is safely supported by the coding system. This
overrides the specification of safe-charsets.
......@@ -819,14 +819,14 @@ following properties are recognized:
mean that the charset can't be encoded in the coding system;
it just means that some other receiver of text encoded
in the coding system won't be able to handle that charset.
o mime-charset
The value is a symbol whose name is the `MIME-charset' parameter of
the coding system.
o valid-codes (meaningful only for a coding system based on CCL)
The value is a list to indicate valid byte ranges of the encoded
file. Each element of the list is an integer or a cons of integer.
In the former case, the integer value is a valid byte code. In the
......@@ -1463,7 +1463,7 @@ text, and convert it in the temporary buffer. Otherwise, convert in-place."
;;; FILE I/O
(defcustom auto-coding-alist
'(("\\.\\(arc\\|zip\\|lzh\\|zoo\\|jar\\|tar\\|tgz\\)\\'" . no-conversion)
'(("\\.\\(arc\\|zip\\|lzh\\|zoo\\|jar\\|sx[dmicw]\\|tar\\|tgz\\)\\'" . no-conversion)
("\\.\\(gz\\|Z\\|bz\\|bz2\\|gpg\\)\\'" . no-conversion)
("/#[^/]+#\\'" . emacs-mule))
"Alist of filename patterns vs corresponding coding systems.
......@@ -1553,7 +1553,7 @@ function by default."
(let ((regexp (car (car alist))))
(when (re-search-forward regexp (+ (point) size) t)
(setq coding-system (cdr (car alist)))))
(setq alist (cdr alist)))
(setq alist (cdr alist)))
(let* ((case-fold-search t)
(head-start (point))
......@@ -1959,7 +1959,7 @@ This function is intended to be added to `auto-coding-functions'."
(message "Warning: unknown coding system \"%s\"" match)
(provide 'mule)
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