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(Dumping): Mention OpenBSD macppc problem.

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......@@ -2772,6 +2772,15 @@ Remove the "#if 0" and "#endif" directives which surround this, save
the file, and then reconfigure and rebuild Emacs. The dumping process
should now succeed.
*** OpenBSD 4.0 macppc: Segfault during dumping.
The build aborts with signal 11 when the command `./temacs --batch
--load loadup bootstrap' tries to load files.el. This seems to be a
GCC problem specific to the macppc architecture, possibly only
occurring with some versions of GCC. A workaround seems to be to
reduce the level of compiler optimization used during the build (from
-O2 to -O1).
** Installation
*** Installing Emacs gets an error running `install-info'.
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