Commit 0c32d782 authored by Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar Katsumi Yamaoka
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Fix previous merge from Gnus trunk.

parent c2861968
......@@ -274,15 +274,13 @@
(setq props (plist-put props :background (face-background face))))
(apply 'create-image file type data-p props)))
(defun gnus-put-image (glyph &optional string category point)
(let ((point (or point (point))))
(goto-char point)
(defun gnus-put-image (glyph &optional string category)
(let ((point (point)))
(insert-image glyph (or string " "))
(put-text-property point (point) 'gnus-image-category category)
(unless string
(put-text-property (1- (point)) (point)
'gnus-image-text-deletable t)))
'gnus-image-text-deletable t))
(defun gnus-remove-image (image &optional category)
......@@ -172,7 +172,8 @@
(if (and image
;; Kludge to avoid displaying 30x30 gif images, which
;; seems to be a signal of a broken image.
(not (and (eq (getf (cdr image) :type) 'gif)
(not (and (listp image)
(eq (getf (cdr image) :type) 'gif)
(= (car (image-size image t)) 30)
(= (cdr (image-size image t)) 30))))
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