Commit 0c72d684 authored by Karoly Lorentey's avatar Karoly Lorentey
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Fix the case when emacsclient is run on Emacs's controlling tty.

src/term.c (O_NOCTTY): Make sure it's defined.
(no_controlling_tty): New variable.
(init_initial_display, mark_ttys): Remove unused variable.
(term_init): Check that the given filename is a terminal device.
Dissociate the controlling terminal if we reopen it for other purposes.
(Reported by Dan Nicolaescu <dann at ics dot uci dot edu>.
(Fdelete_tty): Return nil.

parent d3a6748c
......@@ -60,22 +60,23 @@ architectures, though.) Both multiple tty device support and
simultaneous X and tty frame support works fine. Emacsclient has been
extended to support opening a new terminal frame.
Please let me know if you find any bugs in this branch.
To try it out, compile and run the multi-tty branch with the following
mkdir +build
cd +build
../configure <your favourite options>
make bootstrap
src/emacs -nw # You can also try without -nw
M-x server-start
and then (from a shell prompt on another terminal) start emacsclient
lib-src/emacsclient -t /optional/file/names...
You'll hopefully have two fully working, independent frames on
......@@ -160,9 +161,12 @@ THANKS
The following is an (incomplete) list of people who have contributed
to the project by testing, bug reports, and suggestions. Thanks!
Robert J. Chassel <>
Romain Francoise <>
Ami Fischman <>
Robert J. Chassel <bob at rattlesnake dot com>
Romain Francoise <romain at orekobech dot com>
Ami Fischman <ami at fischman dot org>
Dan Nicolaescu <dann at ics dot uci dot edu>
Richard Stallman was kind enough to review my patches.
......@@ -172,6 +176,10 @@ See arch logs.
** Dan Nicolaescu (dann at ics dot uci dot edu) suggests that -nw
should be added as an alias for -t in emacsclient. Good idea.
(Alas, implementing this is not trivial, getopt_long does not seem
to support two-letter ``short'' options.)
** Robert J. Chassell reports:
......@@ -634,4 +642,11 @@ DIARY OF CHANGES
-- Dan Nicolaescu noticed that starting emacsclient on the same
terminal device that is the controlling tty of the Emacs process
gives unexpected results.
;;; arch-tag: 8da1619e-2e79-41a8-9ac9-a0485daad17d
......@@ -28,6 +28,9 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#include <sys/file.h>
#include <unistd.h> /* For isatty. */
#include <sys/ioctl.h> /* For TIOCNOTTY. */
#include "lisp.h"
#include "termchar.h"
#include "termopts.h"
......@@ -66,6 +69,10 @@ extern int tgetnum P_ ((char *id));
#define O_RDWR 2
#ifndef O_NOCTTY
#define O_NOCTTY 0
static void turn_on_face P_ ((struct frame *, int face_id));
static void turn_off_face P_ ((struct frame *, int face_id));
static void tty_show_cursor P_ ((struct tty_display_info *));
......@@ -153,6 +160,10 @@ int max_frame_lines;
FRAME_PTR updating_frame;
/* Non-zero if we have dropped our controlling tty and therefore
should not open a frame on stdout. */
static int no_controlling_tty;
/* Provided for lisp packages. */
static int system_uses_terminfo;
......@@ -2169,8 +2180,6 @@ DEFUN ("frame-tty-type", Fframe_tty_type, Sframe_tty_type, 0, 1, 0,
struct display *
init_initial_display (void)
struct tty_display_info *tty;
if (initialized || display_list || tty_list)
abort ();
......@@ -2285,12 +2294,41 @@ term_init (char *name, char *terminal_type, int must_succeed)
int fd;
FILE *file;
fd = emacs_open (name, O_RDWR, 0);
/* Open the terminal device. Don't recognize it as our
controlling terminal, and don't make it the controlling tty
if we don't have one at the moment. */
fd = emacs_open (name, O_RDWR | O_IGNORE_CTTY | O_NOCTTY, 0);
/* Alas, O_IGNORE_CTTY is a GNU extension that is only defined
on Hurd. On other systems, we need to dissociate ourselves
from the controlling tty when we want to open a frame on the
same terminal. The function setsid should be used for this,
but it didn't work for me. */
fd = emacs_open (name, O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY, 0);
/* Drop our controlling tty if it is the same device. */
if (ioctl (fd, TIOCNOTTY, 0) != -1)
no_controlling_tty = 1;
#endif /* O_IGNORE_CTTY */
if (fd < 0)
delete_tty (display);
error ("Could not open file: %s", name);
if (! isatty (fd))
close (fd);
error ("Not a tty device: %s", name);
file = fdopen (fd, "w+");
tty->name = xstrdup (name);
tty->input = file;
......@@ -2298,6 +2336,12 @@ term_init (char *name, char *terminal_type, int must_succeed)
if (no_controlling_tty)
/* Opening a frame on stdout is unsafe if we have
disconnected our controlling terminal. */
error ("There is no controlling terminal any more");
tty->name = 0;
tty->input = stdin;
tty->output = stdout;
......@@ -2805,6 +2849,8 @@ tty. The functions are run with one arg, the frame to be deleted. */)
error ("No such terminal device: %s", name);
delete_tty (d);
return Qnil;
static int deleting_tty = 0;
......@@ -2952,7 +2998,7 @@ void
mark_ttys ()
struct tty_display_info *tty;
Lisp_Object *p;
for (tty = tty_list; tty; tty = tty->next)
if (tty->top_frame)
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