Commit 0c7c413c authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(set-auto-mode-0): Use `indirect-function'.

(hack-one-local-variable): Don't reapply current major mode.
parent d42a3826
......@@ -2285,14 +2285,12 @@ only set the major mode, if that would change it."
If optional arg KEEP-MODE-IF-SAME is non-nil, MODE is chased of
any aliases and compared to current major mode. If they are the
same, do nothing and return nil."
(when keep-mode-if-same
(while (symbolp (symbol-function mode))
(setq mode (symbol-function mode)))
(if (eq mode major-mode)
(setq mode nil)))
(when mode
(funcall mode)
(unless (and keep-mode-if-same
(eq (indirect-function mode)
(indirect-function major-mode)))
(when mode
(funcall mode)
(defun set-auto-mode-1 ()
"Find the -*- spec in the buffer.
......@@ -2811,9 +2809,15 @@ It is dangerous if either of these conditions are met:
(defun hack-one-local-variable (var val)
"Set local variable VAR with value VAL."
"Set local variable VAR with value VAL.
If VAR is `mode', call `VAL-mode' as a function unless it's
already the major mode."
(cond ((eq var 'mode)
(funcall (intern (concat (downcase (symbol-name val)) "-mode"))))
(let ((mode (intern (concat (downcase (symbol-name val))
(unless (eq (indirect-function mode)
(indirect-function major-mode))
(funcall mode))))
((eq var 'eval)
(save-excursion (eval val)))
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