Commit 0c9bce3f authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

* test/lisp/net/tramp-tests.el (tramp-test03-file-name-defaults): Adapt test.

parent 6c560a3b
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......@@ -1817,17 +1817,15 @@ properly. BODY shall not contain a timeout."
(should (string-equal (file-remote-p "/" 'method) "ftp"))
(dolist (u '("ftp" "anonymous"))
(should (string-equal (file-remote-p (format "/-:%s@:" u) 'method) "ftp")))
;; Default values in tramp-gvfs.el.
(when (and (load "tramp-gvfs" 'noerror 'nomessage)
(symbol-value 'tramp-gvfs-enabled))
(should (string-equal (file-remote-p "/synce::" 'user) nil)))
;; Default values in tramp-sh.el.
;; Default values in tramp-sh.el and tramp-sudoedit.el.
(dolist (h `("" "[::1]" "localhost" "localhost6" ,(system-name)))
(string-equal (file-remote-p (format "/-:root@%s:" h) 'method) "su")))
(dolist (m '("su" "sudo" "ksu"))
(should (string-equal (file-remote-p (format "/%s::" m) 'user) "root")))
(dolist (m '("rcp" "remcp" "rsh" "telnet" "krlogin" "fcp"))
(dolist (m '("su" "sudo" "ksu" "doas" "sudoedit"))
(should (string-equal (file-remote-p (format "/%s::" m) 'user) "root"))
(string-equal (file-remote-p (format "/%s::" m) 'host) (system-name))))
(dolist (m '("rcp" "remcp" "rsh" "telnet" "krlogin" "fcp" "nc"))
(string-equal (file-remote-p (format "/%s::" m) 'user) (user-login-name))))
;; Default values in tramp-smb.el.
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