Commit 0cbb497c authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(move-beginning-of-line): New command.

parent d17a638d
......@@ -3517,6 +3517,33 @@ boundaries bind `inhibit-field-text-motion' to t."
(setq arg 1)
(setq done t)))))))
(defun move-beginning-of-line (arg)
"Move point to beginning of current display line.
With argument ARG not nil or 1, move forward ARG - 1 lines first.
If point reaches the beginning or end of buffer, it stops there.
To ignore intangibility, bind `inhibit-point-motion-hooks' to t.
This command does not move point across a field boundary unless doing so
would move beyond there to a different line; if ARG is nil or 1, and
point starts at a field boundary, point does not move. To ignore field
boundaries bind `inhibit-field-text-motion' to t."
(interactive "p")
(or arg (setq arg 1))
(if (/= arg 1)
(line-move (1- arg) t))
(let (done pos)
(while (not done)
(beginning-of-line 1)
;; (not bolp) means that it stopped at a field boundary.
(if (or (bobp) (not (bolp)))
(setq done t)
(sit-for 0)
(if (and (consp (setq pos (pos-visible-in-window-p (point) nil t)))
(= (car pos) 0))
(setq done t)
(backward-char 1))))))
;;; Many people have said they rarely use this feature, and often type
;;; it by accident. Maybe it shouldn't even be on a key.
(put 'set-goal-column 'disabled t)
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