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(TeX and LaTeX Language Modes): Put in missing braces.

parent f031b518
......@@ -14006,7 +14006,7 @@ mode may display it differently.
Formulas are entered and displayed in the appropriate notation;
@texline @math{\sin(a/b)}
@infoline @expr{sin(a/b)}
will appear as @samp{\sin\left( a \over b \right)} in @TeX{} mode and
will appear as @samp{\sin\left( @{a \over b@} \right)} in @TeX{} mode and
@samp{\sin\left(\frac@{a@}@{b@}\right)} in La@TeX{} mode.
Math formulas are often enclosed by @samp{$ $} signs in @TeX{} and
La@TeX{}; these should be omitted when interfacing with Calc. To Calc,
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