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* etc/PROBLEMS: Remove some old stuff; other small edits

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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Outline mode.) Information about systems that are no longer supported,
and old Emacs releases, has been removed. Consult older versions of
this file if you are interested in that information.
* Mule-UCS doesn't work in Emacs 23.
* Mule-UCS doesn't work in Emacs 23 onwards
It's completely redundant now, as far as we know.
......@@ -107,57 +107,6 @@ If this command prints any file names, some of these files are stale,
and should be deleted or their directories removed from your
** With X11R6.4, public-patch-3, Emacs crashes at startup.
Reportedly this patch in X fixes the problem.
--- xc/lib/X11/imInt.c~ Wed Jun 30 13:31:56 1999
+++ xc/lib/X11/imInt.c Thu Jul 1 15:10:27 1999
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-/* $TOG: imInt.c /main/5 1998/05/30 21:11:16 kaleb $ */
+/* $TOG: imInt.c /main/5 1998/05/30 21:11:16 kaleb $ */
Copyright 1992, 1993, 1994 by FUJITSU LIMITED
@@ -166,8 +166,8 @@
XLCd lcd;
- char* begin;
- char* end;
+ char* begin = NULL;
+ char* end = NULL;
char* ret;
int i = 0;
char* ximmodifier = XIMMODIFIER;
@@ -182,7 +182,11 @@
ret = Xmalloc(end - begin + 2);
if (ret != NULL) {
- (void)strncpy(ret, begin, end - begin + 1);
+ if (begin != NULL) {
+ (void)strncpy(ret, begin, end - begin + 1);
+ } else {
+ ret[0] = '\0';
+ }
ret[end - begin + 1] = '\0';
return ret;
** Emacs crashes on startup after a glibc upgrade.
This is caused by a binary incompatible change to the malloc
implementation in glibc 2.5.90-22. As a result, Emacs binaries built
using prior versions of glibc crash when run under 2.5.90-22.
This problem was first seen in pre-release versions of Fedora 7, and
may be fixed in the final Fedora 7 release. To stop the crash from
happening, first try upgrading to the newest version of glibc; if this
does not work, rebuild Emacs with the same version of glibc that you
will run it under. For details, see
* Crash bugs
** Emacs crashes when running in a terminal, if compiled with GCC 4.5.0
......@@ -280,7 +229,7 @@ normally in the ld search path, but if you want to use OpenMPI,
you must issue the command "module load openmpi". This adds
/usr/lib/openmpi/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If you then start Emacs from
the same shell, you will encounter this crash.
Ref: <URL:>
Ref: <URL:>
There is no good solution to this problem if you need to use both
OpenMPI and Emacs with libotf support. The best you can do is use a
......@@ -300,17 +249,18 @@ Then the old .elc files will be loaded, and your changes
will not be seen. To fix this, do M-x byte-recompile-directory
and specify the directory that contains the Lisp files.
Emacs should print a warning when loading a .elc file which is older
Emacs prints a warning when loading a .elc file which is older
than the corresponding .el file.
*** Watch out for .emacs files and EMACSLOADPATH environment vars.
Alternatively, if you set the option `load-prefer-newer' non-nil,
Emacs will load whichever version of a file is the newest.
*** Watch out for the EMACSLOADPATH environment variable
These control the actions of Emacs.
~/.emacs is your Emacs init file.
EMACSLOADPATH overrides which directories the function "load" will search.
If you observe strange problems, check for these and get rid
of them, then try again.
If you observe strange problems, check for this variable in your
*** Using epop3.el package causes Emacs to signal an error.
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