Commit 0d4d26a7 authored by Steven Tamm's avatar Steven Tamm
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Adding log for changes to sysdep.c,eval.c,macterm.c,mac.c

parent 824eb35e
2002-12-07 Steven Tamm <>
* sysdep.c (emacs_read): Have emacs_read use sys_read.
* eval.c (Feval): Calls mac_check_for_quit_char at each stack
frame. This may change as it could be time consuming.
* macterm.c (mac_check_for_quit_char, quit_char_comp)
(init_quit_char_handler, mac_determine_quit_char_modifiers)
(mac_initialize): Added code to check for pressing of quit_char
in the OS event queue
* mac.c (sys_select): Call mac_check_for_quit_char every second
while blocking on select.
* mac.c (sys_read): Use sys_select to test for input first
before calling read to allow C-g to break
2002-12-07 Richard M. Stallman <>
* minibuf.c (Fcompleting_read): Doc fix.
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