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; * etc/NEWS: Reword the lcms2 entry.

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......@@ -69,10 +69,14 @@ Deterministic builds omit the build date from the output of the
following variables nil: 'emacs-build-system', 'emacs-build-time',
** New configure option '--with-lcms2' attempts to build an Emacs
linked to Little CMS, exposing color management functions in Lisp.
Implemented functions include the color metrics 'lcms-cie-de2000' and
** Emacs can now be built with support for Little CMS.
If the lcms2 library is installed, Emacs will enable features built on
top of that library. The new configure option '--without-lcms2' can
be used to build without lcms2 support even if it is installed. Emacs
linked to Little CMS exposes color management functions in Lisp: the
color metrics 'lcms-cie-de2000' and 'lcms-cam02-ucs'.
** The configure option '--with-gameuser' now defaults to 'no',
as this appears to be the most common configuration in practice.
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