Commit 0d74b006 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(substitute_object_recurse): Use traverse_intervals_noorder.

(syms_of_lread) <Vafter_load_alist>: Update docstring.
parent 8bbfc258
......@@ -2480,8 +2480,8 @@ substitute_object_recurse (object, placeholder, subtree)
INTERVAL root_interval = XSTRING (subtree)->intervals;
Lisp_Object arg = Fcons (object, placeholder);
traverse_intervals (root_interval, 1, 0,
&substitute_in_interval, arg);
traverse_intervals_noorder (root_interval,
&substitute_in_interval, arg);
return subtree;
......@@ -3563,7 +3563,9 @@ the FORMS in the corresponding element are executed at the end of loading.\n\n\
FILENAME must match exactly! Normally FILENAME is the name of a library,\n\
with no directory specified, since that is how `load' is normally called.\n\
An error in FORMS does not undo the load,\n\
but does prevent execution of the rest of the FORMS.");
but does prevent execution of the rest of the FORMS.\n\
FILENAME can also be a symbol (a feature) and FORMS are then executed\n\
when the corresponding call to `provide' is made.");
Vafter_load_alist = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("load-history", &Vload_history,
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