Commit 0d83c94d authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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Don't change default directory.

parent 836d66d3
......@@ -1962,10 +1962,10 @@ Switch to a buffer editing the last file dropped."
user-login-name user-real-login-name user-full-name))
(set v (decode-coding-string (symbol-value v) mac-system-coding-system))))
;; If Emacs is started from the Finder, change the default directory
;; to the user's home directory.
(if (string= default-directory "/")
(cd "~"))
;; Now the default directory is changed to the user's home directory
;; in emacs.c if invoked from the WindowServer (with -psn_* option).
;; (if (string= default-directory "/")
;; (cd "~"))
;; Darwin 6- pty breakage is now controlled from the C code so that
;; it applies to all builds on darwin. See s/darwin.h PTY_ITERATION.
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