Commit 0d861f25 authored by Tassilo Horn's avatar Tassilo Horn

Fix reading kind argument in browse-url-with-browser-kind.

* lisp/net/browse-url.el (browse-url-with-browser-kind): Convert KIND
argument queried from the user to a symbol.
parent 909591a4
Pipeline #5502 passed with stage
in 56 minutes and 16 seconds
......@@ -950,11 +950,11 @@ opposite of the browser kind of `browse-url-browser-function'."
(k (completing-read
(format "Browser kind (default %s): " default)
'(internal external)
nil t nil nil
(k (intern (completing-read
(format "Browser kind (default %s): " default)
'(internal external)
nil t nil nil
(cons k url-arg)))
(let ((function (browse-url-select-handler url kind)))
(unless function
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