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(Specify Coding): Document recode-region and recode-file-name.

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......@@ -928,6 +928,9 @@ files.
@item C-x @key{RET} X @var{coding} @key{RET}
Use coding system @var{coding} for transferring @emph{one}
selection---the next one---to or from the window system.
@item M-x recode-region
Convert the region from a previous coding system to a new one.
@end table
@kindex C-x RET f
......@@ -1056,6 +1059,12 @@ corresponding buffer.
The default for translation of process input and output depends on the
current language environment.
@findex recode-region
If a piece of text has already been inserted into a buffer using the
wrong coding system, you can decode it again using @kbd{M-x
recode-region}. This prompts you for the old coding system and the
desired coding system, and acts on the text in the region.
@vindex file-name-coding-system
@cindex file names with non-@acronym{ASCII} characters
@findex set-file-name-coding-system
......@@ -1084,6 +1093,12 @@ these buffers under the visited file name, saving may use the wrong file
name, or it may get an error. If such a problem happens, use @kbd{C-x
C-w} to specify a new file name for that buffer.
@findex recode-file-name
If a mistake occurs when encoding a file name, use the command
command @kbd{M-x recode-file-name} to change the file name's coding
system. This prompts for an existing file name, its old coding
system, and the coding system to which you wish to convert.
@vindex locale-coding-system
@cindex decoding non-@acronym{ASCII} keyboard input on X
The variable @code{locale-coding-system} specifies a coding system
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