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......@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@ images and toolkit scrollbars. Use the --help option to list them.
* Changes in Emacs 21.1
** The new command `clone-buffer-indirectly' can be used to create
an indirect buffer that is a twin copy of the current buffer.
** New user options `backup-directory-alist' and
`make-backup-file-name-function' are provided to control the placement
of backups, typically in a single directory or in an invisible
......@@ -101,6 +104,19 @@ area or with tooltips.
** New user option `read-mail-command' specifies a command to use to
read mail from the menu etc.
** Changes in Texinfo mode.
** A couple of new key bindings have been added for inserting Texinfo
Key binding Macro
C-c C-c C-s @strong
C-c C-c C-e @emph
C-c C-c u @url
C-c C-c q @quotation
C-c C-c m @email
** Changes in Outline mode.
There is now support for Imenu to index headings. A new command
2000-04-17 Gerd Moellmann <>
* textmodes/texinfo.el (texinfo-insert-@email)
(texinfo-insert-@emph, texinfo-insert-@quotation)
(texinfo-insert-@strong, texinfo-insert-@url): New functions.
(texinfo-mode-map): Add key bindings for them.
* files.el (basic-save-buffer-2): Use a template with `$'
instead of `#' for VMS.
* simple.el (clone-indirect-buffer): New function.
2000-04-16 Stephen Eglen <>
* iswitchb.el (iswitchb-case): New function. If the user input
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