Commit 0dcd12a1 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(edt-user-emulation-setup): Test edt-setup-user-bindings is bound

before calling.
parent 552939e4
......@@ -2229,7 +2229,10 @@ Optional argument USER-SETUP non-nil means called from function
;; function edt-setup-extra-default-bindings.
(define-prefix-command 'edt-user-gold-map)
(fset 'edt-user-gold-map (copy-keymap 'edt-default-gold-map))
;; This is a function that the user can define for custom bindings.
;; See etc/edt-user.doc.
(if (fboundp 'edt-setup-user-bindings)
(defun edt-select-default-global-map()
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