Commit 0dd95616 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(pos_visible_p): CHARPOS < 0 means return info for

last visible glyph in window.
parent d0e0bd5f
......@@ -1275,6 +1275,7 @@ line_bottom_y (it)
/* Return 1 if position CHARPOS is visible in window W.
CHARPOS < 0 means return info about WINDOW_END position.
If visible, set *X and *Y to pixel coordinates of top left corner.
Set *RTOP and *RBOT to pixel height of an invisible area of glyph at POS.
Set *ROWH and *VPOS to row's visible height and VPOS (row number). */
......@@ -1313,10 +1314,10 @@ pos_visible_p (w, charpos, x, y, rtop, rbot, rowh, vpos)
start_display (&it, w, top);
move_it_to (&it, charpos, -1, it.last_visible_y-1, -1,
(charpos >= 0 ? MOVE_TO_POS : 0) | MOVE_TO_Y);
/* Note that we may overshoot because of invisible text. */
if (IT_CHARPOS (it) >= charpos)
if (charpos >= 0 && IT_CHARPOS (it) >= charpos)
int top_x = it.current_x;
int top_y = it.current_y;
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