Commit 0e1711a0 authored by Pierre Téchoueyres's avatar Pierre Téchoueyres Committed by Michael Albinus
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* lisp/net/tramp-cmds.el (tramp-reporter-dump-variable):

Encode/decode string.

Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
parent 07ebe425
......@@ -236,8 +236,11 @@ buffer in your bug report.
(concat "[^" (symbol-value 'mm-7bit-chars) "]") val))
(with-current-buffer reporter-eval-buffer
(set varsym (format "(base64-decode-string \"%s\")"
(base64-encode-string val))))))
"(decode-coding-string (base64-decode-string \"%s\") 'raw-text)"
(base64-encode-string (encode-coding-string val 'raw-text)))))))
;; Dump variable.
(tramp-compat-funcall 'reporter-dump-variable varsym mailbuf)
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