Commit 0e40b809 authored by Eric M. Ludlam's avatar Eric M. Ludlam

*** empty log message ***

parent 936c15f6
......@@ -903,6 +903,8 @@ argument, it appends to the file.
(usually bound to `C-c C-o'); the old name is aliased to it for
*** The new function `comint-add-to-input-history' adds commands to the input
ring (history).
** Changes to Rmail mode
2000-11-01 Eric M. Ludlam <>
* comint.el (comint-add-to-input-history): New function.
(comint-send-input): Use `comint-add-to-input-history'.
2000-11-02 Miles Bader <>
* info.el (info-menu-header): New face.
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