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Kevin Ryde <user42 at>

(About PCL-CVS): Fix cross-reference.
parent 1064a2d4
2009-07-11 Kevin Ryde <>
* pcl-cvs.texi (About PCL-CVS):
* widget.texi (Basic Types):
Fix cross-references.
2009-07-01 Andreas Schwab <>
* dbus.texi (Type Conversion): Don't use literal control character.
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ It concisely shows the present status of a checked out module in an
Emacs buffer and provides single-key access to the most frequently used CVS
For Emacs users accustomed to VC, PCL-CVS can be thought of as a replacement
for VC-dired (@pxref{VC Dired Mode, , Dired under VC, emacs, The GNU
for VC-dired (@pxref{VC Directory Mode, , , emacs, The GNU
Emacs Manual}) specifically designed for CVS.
PCL-CVS was originally written many years ago by Per Cederqvist who
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