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......@@ -1653,6 +1653,9 @@ a match if part of it has a read-only property.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** The argument to forward-word, backward-word, forward-to-indentation
and backward-to-indentation is now optional, and defaults to 1.
** The new function `window-inside-edges' returns the edges of the
actual text portion of the window, not including the scroll bar or
......@@ -2067,6 +2070,7 @@ declaration specifiers supported are:
Set NAME's `edebug-form-spec' property to DEBUG. (This is
equivalent to writing a `def-edebug-spec' for the macro.
** Interactive commands can be remapped through keymaps.
This is an alternative to using defadvice or substitute-key-definition
......@@ -2123,6 +2127,7 @@ The following changes have been made to provide command remapping:
command before remapping. It is equal to `this-command' when the
command was not remapped.
** New variable emulation-mode-map-alists.
Lisp packages using many minor mode keymaps can now maintain their own
......@@ -2194,6 +2199,7 @@ properties. It works at the same level as `default-text-properties',
although it applies to overlays as well. This variable was introduced
to implement the `font-lock-face' property.
** New special text property `font-lock-face'.
This property acts like the `face' property, but it is controlled by
......@@ -2201,12 +2207,14 @@ M-x font-lock-mode. It is not, strictly speaking, a builtin text
property. Instead, it is implemented inside font-core.el, using the
new variable `char-property-alias-alist'.
** New function remove-list-of-text-properties.
The new function `remove-list-of-text-properties' is almost the same
as `remove-text-properties'. The only difference is that it takes
a list of property names as argument rather than a property list.
** New function insert-for-yank.
This function normally works like `insert' but removes the text
......@@ -2215,20 +2223,23 @@ inserted text has a `yank-handler' text property on the first
character of the string, the insertion of the text may be modified in
a number of ways. See the description of `yank-handler' below.
** New function insert-buffer-substring-as-yank.
This function works like `insert-buffer-substring', but removes the
text properties in the `yank-excluded-properties' list.
** New function insert-buffer-substring-no-properties.
This function is like insert-buffer-substring, but removes all
text properties from the inserted substring.
** New `yank-handler' text property may be used to control how
previously killed text on the kill-ring is reinserted.
The value of the yank-handler property must be a list with one to five
The value of the yank-handler property must be a list with one to four
elements with the following format:
......@@ -2252,9 +2263,9 @@ by `yank-pop' to undo the insertion of the current object. It is
called with two arguments, the start and end of the current region.
FUNCTION may set `yank-undo-function' to override the UNDO value.
*** The functions kill-new, kill-append, and kill-region now has an
optional third argument to specify the yank-handler text property
to put on the killed text.
*** The functions kill-new, kill-append, and kill-region now have an
optional argument to specify the yank-handler text property to put on
the killed text.
*** The function yank-pop will now use a non-nil value of the variable
`yank-undo-function' (instead of delete-region) to undo the previous
......@@ -2376,6 +2387,7 @@ as the "key" bound by that key binding.
This is relevant only if Lisp code looks for
the bindings that were made with easymenu.
** The function `commandp' takes an additional optional
argument. If it is non-nil, then `commandp' checks
for a function that could be called with `call-interactively',
......@@ -2412,16 +2424,19 @@ properties--any specified text properties are discarded.
This is like window-height but does not count the mode line
or the header line.
** New function format-mode-line.
This returns the mode-line or header-line of the selected (or a
specified) window as a string with or without text properties.
** New functions `lax-plist-get' and `lax-plist-put'.
These functions are like `plist-get' and `plist-put' except that they
compare the property name using `equal' rather than `eq'.
** New function `tool-bar-local-item-from-menu'
The `tool-bar-add-item-from-menu' must not be used (as previously
2003-08-16 Richard M. Stallman <>
* net/ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-error): Add save-excursion.
* emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (eval-last-sexp-print-value):
New subroutine, broken out of eval-last-sexp-1.
(eval-last-sexp-1): Use eval-last-sexp-print-value.
* custom.el (custom-load-symbol): Load cus-load and cus-start first.
* dabbrev.el (dabbrev--safe-replace-match): Use with-no-warnings.
* simple.el (eval-expression): Use eval-last-sexp-print-value.
2003-08-12 Juri Linkov <> (tiny change)
* simple.el (backward-word, forward-to-indentation)
(backward-to-indentation): Argument changed to optional.
(next-line, previous-line): Use `or' instead of `unless'.
2003-08-12 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* progmodes/ebnf-iso.el (ebnf-no-meta-identifier): Becomes a var
2003-08-16 Richard M. Stallman <>
* dired-x.texi (Shell Command Guessing): Explain *.
2003-08-16 Chunyu Wang <> (tiny change)
* pcl-cvs.texi (Log Edit Mode): Fix key binding for
2003-08-16 Richard M. Stallman <>
* editfns.c (Fencode_time): Doc fix.
2003-08-16 David Ponce <>
* fileio.c (Fwrite_region): Fix conditional expression to issue
the right message.
2003-08-16 Juri Linkov <> (tiny change)
* syntax.c (Fforward_word): Argument changed to optional.
Set default value to 1.
2003-08-15 Kenichi Handa <>
* xfaces.c (better_font_p): Prefer a real scalable font; i.e. not
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