Commit 0e93a7cf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(r_alloc_init): Explicitly use real_morecore

to allocate the entire incomplete page.
parent 9afa5873
......@@ -506,8 +506,20 @@ r_alloc_init ()
extra_bytes = ROUNDUP (50000);
page_break_value = (POINTER) ROUNDUP (break_value);
/* The extra call to real_morecore guarantees that the end of the
address space is a multiple of page_size, even if page_size is
not really the page size of the system running the binary in
which page_size is stored. This allows a binary to be built on a
system with one page size and run on a system with a smaller page
size. */
(*real_morecore) (page_break_value - break_value);
/* Clear the rest of the last page; this memory is in our address space
even though it is after the sbrk value. */
/* Doubly true, with the additional call that explicitly adds the
rest of that page to the address space. */
bzero (break_value, (page_break_value - break_value));
virtual_break_value = break_value = page_break_value;
use_relocatable_buffers = 1;
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