Commit 0e9c7693 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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* simple.el (process-file): Overwrite stderr file, if exists.

parent 34b4b7eb
2012-12-21 Michael Albinus <>
* simple.el (process-file): Overwrite stderr file, if exists.
2012-12-21 Daiki Ueno <>
* epg.el (epg--start): Print GPG_AGENT_INFO in the debug buffer.
......@@ -2804,7 +2804,7 @@ value passed."
(or lc infile)
(if stderr-file (list (car buffer) stderr-file) buffer)
display args)
(when stderr-file (copy-file stderr-file (cadr buffer)))))
(when stderr-file (copy-file stderr-file (cadr buffer) t))))
(when stderr-file (delete-file stderr-file))
(when lc (delete-file lc)))))
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