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......@@ -96,6 +96,8 @@ from the locale.
You can now put the init files .emacs and .emacs_SHELL under
~/.emacs.d or directly under ~. Emacs will find them in either place.
** partial-completion-mode now does partial completion on directory names.
** MH-E changes.
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.2. There have been major changes since
......@@ -311,11 +313,14 @@ gives the fraction of the window's width to scroll the window.
The variable `automatic-hscrolling' was renamed to
`auto-hscroll-mode'. The old name is still available as an alias.
** TeX:
** The user option `tex-start-options-string' has been replaced
*** The user option `tex-start-options-string' has been replaced
by two new user options: `tex-start-options', which should hold
command-line options to feed to TeX, and `tex-start-commands' which should hold
TeX commands to use at startup.
*** verbatim environments are now highlighted in courier by font-lock
and super/sub-scripts are made into super/sub-scripts.
** New display feature: focus follows the mouse from one Emacs window
......@@ -1964,6 +1969,9 @@ or `bg:COLOR' has been removed. Lisp programs should use the
are used by define-derived-mode to make sure the mode hook for the
parent mode is run at the end of the child mode.
** define-minor-mode now accepts arbitrary additional keyword arguments
and simply passes them to defcustom, if applicable.
** define-derived-mode by default creates a new empty abbrev table.
It does not copy abbrevs from the parent mode's abbrev table.
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