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; Fix typos in NEWS

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......@@ -861,6 +861,7 @@ fitting for use in money calculations
** Hide-IfDef mode
*** Hide-IfDef mode now support full C/C++ expressions in macros,
macro argument expansion, interactive macro evaluation and automatic
scanning of #define'd symbols.
......@@ -870,7 +871,9 @@ result of evaluating a macro.
*** New command 'hif-clear-all-ifdef-define', bound to 'C-c @ C', clears
all defined symbols in 'hide-ifdef-env'.
*** New custom variable 'hide-ifdef-header-regexp' to define C/C++ header
file name patterns. Defaults to files whose extension is one of '.h',
'.hh', '.hpp', '.hxx', or '.h++', matched case-insensitively.
*** New custom variable 'hide-ifdef-expand-reinclusion-protection' to prevent
reinclusion protected (a.k.a. "idempotent") header files from being hidden.
......@@ -990,9 +993,9 @@ to avoid interfering with the kill ring.
allow overriding the regular expression that recognizes the ldapsearch
command line's password prompt.
EUDC's BBDB backend now supports BBDB 3.
*** EUDC's BBDB backend now supports BBDB 3.
EUDC's PH backend (eudcb-ph.el) is obsolete.
*** EUDC's PH backend (eudcb-ph.el) is obsolete.
** Eshell
......@@ -1326,6 +1329,7 @@ area. The output is still logged to the '*Messages*' buffer.
buffers to allow certain parts of the text to be writable.
** A new variable 'comment-end-can-be-escaped' is useful in languages
such as C and C++ where line comments with escaped newlines are
continued to the next line.
** New macro 'define-advice'.
......@@ -1651,6 +1655,7 @@ names it puts in TAGS files. This is so the etags.el back-end for
Use --class-qualify (-Q) if you want the old default behavior of
qualifying class members in C++, Java, Objective C, and Perl. Note
that using -Q might make some class members become "unknown" to 'M-.'
('xref-find-definitions'); if so, you can use 'C-u M-.' to specify the
qualified names by hand.
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