Commit 0f374b2b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(re_max_failures): Reduce to 4000.

parent f8d07b62
......@@ -1008,9 +1008,9 @@ static const char *re_error_msgid[] =
This is a variable only so users of regex can assign to it; we never
change it ourselves. */
#if defined (MATCH_MAY_ALLOCATE)
/* 8600 was enough to cause a crash on Ultrix,
/* 4400 was enough to cause a crash on Alpha OSF/1,
whose default stack limit is 2mb. */
int re_max_failures = 8000;
int re_max_failures = 4000;
int re_max_failures = 2000;
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