Commit 0f538927 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(org-export-html-style): Doc fix.

(org-get-legal-level): New obsolete alias.
(org-get-valid-level): Rename from `org-get-legal-level'.
(org-promote, org-demote, org-archive-subtree, org-remember-handler,
org-refile, org-put-clock-overlay): Use it.
parent 0368765e
......@@ -3361,7 +3361,7 @@ Org-mode file."
Since there are different ways of setting style information, this variable
needs to contain the full HTML structure to provide a style, including the
surrounding HTML tags. The style specifications should include definitions
for new classes todo, done, title, and deadline. For example, legal values
for new classes todo, done, title, and deadline. For example, valid values
would be:
<style type=\"text/css\">
......@@ -6195,7 +6195,7 @@ in the region."
(defun org-reduced-level (l)
(if org-odd-levels-only (1+ (floor (/ l 2))) l))
(defun org-get-legal-level (level &optional change)
(defun org-get-valid-level (level &optional change)
"Rectify a level change under the influence of `org-odd-levels-only'
LEVEL is a current level, CHANGE is by how much the level should be
modified. Even if CHANGE is nil, LEVEL may be returned modified because
......@@ -6206,13 +6206,16 @@ even level numbers will become the next higher odd number."
((< change 0) (max 1 (1+ (* 2 (/ (+ level (* 2 change)) 2))))))
(max 1 (+ level change))))
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'org-get-legal-level
'org-get-valid-level "23.1")
(defun org-promote ()
"Promote the current heading higher up the tree.
If the region is active in `transient-mark-mode', promote all headings
in the region."
(org-back-to-heading t)
(let* ((level (save-match-data (funcall outline-level)))
(up-head (concat (make-string (org-get-legal-level level -1) ?*) " "))
(up-head (concat (make-string (org-get-valid-level level -1) ?*) " "))
(diff (abs (- level (length up-head) -1))))
(if (= level 1) (error "Cannot promote to level 0. UNDO to recover if necessary"))
(replace-match up-head nil t)
......@@ -6226,7 +6229,7 @@ If the region is active in `transient-mark-mode', demote all headings
in the region."
(org-back-to-heading t)
(let* ((level (save-match-data (funcall outline-level)))
(down-head (concat (make-string (org-get-legal-level level 1) ?*) " "))
(down-head (concat (make-string (org-get-valid-level level 1) ?*) " "))
(diff (abs (- level (length down-head) -1))))
(replace-match down-head nil t)
;; Fixup tag positioning
......@@ -7787,7 +7790,7 @@ this heading."
;; No specific heading, just go to end of file.
(goto-char (point-max)) (insert "\n"))
;; Paste
(org-paste-subtree (org-get-legal-level level 1))
(org-paste-subtree (org-get-valid-level level 1))
;; Mark the entry as done
(when (and org-archive-mark-done
......@@ -13704,7 +13707,7 @@ See also the variable `org-reverse-note-order'."
(end-of-line 1)
(insert "\n"))))
(bookmark-set "org-remember-last-stored")
(org-paste-subtree (org-get-legal-level level 1) txt))
(org-paste-subtree (org-get-valid-level level 1) txt))
((eq exitcmd 'left)
;; before current
(bookmark-set "org-remember-last-stored")
......@@ -13723,7 +13726,7 @@ See also the variable `org-reverse-note-order'."
(goto-char (point-max))
(if (not (bolp)) (newline))
(bookmark-set "org-remember-last-stored")
(org-paste-subtree (org-get-legal-level 1 1) txt)))
(org-paste-subtree (org-get-valid-level 1 1) txt)))
((and (bobp) reversed)
;; Put it at the start, as level 1
......@@ -13912,7 +13915,7 @@ variable for the duration of the command."
(error "Cannot find target location - try again with `C-u' prefix."))
(goto-char (match-beginning 0))
(looking-at outline-regexp)
(setq level (org-get-legal-level (funcall outline-level) 1))
(setq level (org-get-valid-level (funcall outline-level) 1))
(goto-char (or (save-excursion
(if reversed
......@@ -18526,7 +18529,7 @@ If LEVEL is given, prefix time with a corresponding number of stars.
This creates a new overlay and stores it in `org-clock-overlays', so that it
will be easy to remove."
(let* ((c 60) (h (floor (/ time 60))) (m (- time (* 60 h)))
(l (if level (org-get-legal-level level 0) 0))
(l (if level (org-get-valid-level level 0) 0))
(off 0)
ov tx)
(move-to-column c)
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