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Fix confusing wording in the user manual

* doc/emacs/maintaining.texi (VC Undo): Remove a potentially
inaccurate, outdated, and/or confusing sentence.  (Bug#35290)
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......@@ -1084,8 +1084,7 @@ started editing, and asks for confirmation for discarding the changes.
If you agree, the fileset is reverted. If you don't want @kbd{C-x v
u} to show a diff, set the variable @code{vc-revert-show-diff} to
@code{nil} (you can still view the diff directly with @kbd{C-x v =};
@pxref{Old Revisions}). Note that @kbd{C-x v u} cannot be reversed
with the usual undo commands (@pxref{Undo}), so use it with care.
@pxref{Old Revisions}).
On locking-based version control systems, @kbd{C-x v u} leaves files
unlocked; you must lock again to resume editing. You can also use
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