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......@@ -514,23 +514,19 @@ Iris 2500 Turbo (-machine=irist; -opsystem=iris3-5 or -opsystem=iris3-6)
18.49 works. Use -opsystem=iris3-6 for system versions 3.6 and up.
Note that the 3030 is the same machine as this.
Iris 4D (-machine=iris4d; -opsystem=irix3-3)
Iris 4D (-machine=iris4d; -opsystem=irix3-3 or irix4-0)
18.56 is known to work on 4D series machines with Irix 3.3 or later.
18.58 is known to work on Silicon Graphics 4D series machines
with IRIX 3.3 or IRIX 4.0.
If you use the X menu facility, you must edit oldXmenu/Makefile
to add the line
Someone said that with the yellow pages you must change two definitions
in -machine=iris4d as follows:
#define LIBS_MACHINE -lsun -lbsd -lPW -lmld
#define C_SWITCH_MACHINE -I/usr/include/sun -I/usr/include/bsd
Most irix3.3 systems do not have an ANSI C compiler, but a few do.
If you are using the ANSI C compiler, you may need to add
#define C_SWITCH_MACHINE -cckr
to config.h. says this isn't true anymore,
but the info might as well be here just in case.
There is a bug in IRIX that can sometimes leave ptys owned by
root with a permission of 622. This causes malfunctions in use
of subprocesses of Emacs. This may be fixed in IRIX 4.0.5.
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