Commit 0f7a5fda authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

(get_local_map): Use Fget_char_property, so that

overlay properties will be considered as well as text properties.
parent 60f4dd23
......@@ -1762,24 +1762,34 @@ get_local_map (position, buffer)
register int position;
register struct buffer *buffer;
register INTERVAL interval;
Lisp_Object prop, tem;
return buffer->keymap;
Lisp_Object prop, tem, lispy_position, lispy_buffer;
int old_begv, old_zv;
/* Perhaps we should just change `position' to the limit. */
if (position > BUF_Z (buffer) || position < BUF_BEG (buffer))
abort ();
interval = find_interval (BUF_INTERVALS (buffer), position);
prop = textget (interval->plist, Qlocal_map);
if (NILP (prop))
return buffer->keymap;
/* Ignore narrowing, so that a local map continues to be valid even if
the visible region contains no characters and hence no properties. */
old_begv = BUF_BEGV (buffer);
old_zv = BUF_ZV (buffer);
BUF_BEGV (buffer) = BUF_BEG (buffer);
BUF_ZV (buffer) = BUF_Z (buffer);
/* There are no properties at the end of the buffer, so in that case
check for a local map on the last character of the buffer instead. */
if (position == BUF_Z (buffer) && BUF_Z (buffer) > BUF_BEG (buffer))
XSETFASTINT (lispy_position, position);
XSETBUFFER (lispy_buffer, buffer);
prop = Fget_char_property (lispy_position, Qlocal_map, lispy_buffer);
BUF_BEGV (buffer) = old_begv;
BUF_ZV (buffer) = old_zv;
/* Use the local map only if it is valid. */
tem = Fkeymapp (prop);
if (!NILP (tem))
if (!NILP (prop)
&& (tem = Fkeymapp (prop), !NILP (tem)))
return prop;
return buffer->keymap;
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