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* frame.c (Fhandle_switch_frame): Renamed from Fselect_frame.

	Doc changed in anticipation of new purpose.
	(Fselect_frame): Just call Fhandle_switch_frame for now.
parent d5b2799e
......@@ -324,17 +324,27 @@ make_terminal_frame ()
DEFUN ("select-frame", Fselect_frame, Sselect_frame, 1, 2, "e",
"Select the frame FRAME. FRAME's selected window becomes \"the\"\n\
selected window. If the optional parameter NO-ENTER is non-nil, don't\n\
focus on that frame.\n\
This function is interactive, and may be bound to the ``switch-frame''\n\
event; when invoked this way, it switches to the frame named in the\n\
event. When called from lisp, FRAME may be a ``switch-frame'' event;\n\
if it is, select the frame named in the event.\n\
"Select the frame FRAME.\n\
Subseqent editing commands apply to its selected window.\n\
The selection of FRAME lasts until the next time the user does\n\
something to select a different frame, or until the next time this\n\
function is called.")
(frame, no_enter)
Lisp_Object frame, no_enter;
return Fhandle_switch_frame (frame, no_enter);
DEFUN ("handle-switch-frame", Fhandle_switch_frame, Shandle_switch_frame, 1, 2, "e",
"Handle a switch-frame event EVENT.\n\
Switch-frame events is usually bound to this function.\n\
A switch-frame event tells Emacs that the window manager has requested\n\
that the user's events be directed to the frame mentioned in the event.\n\
This function selects the selected window of the frame of EVENT.\n\
Changing the selected frame can change focus redirections. See\n\
`redirect-frame-focus' for details.")
If EVENT is frame object, handle it as if it were a switch-frame event\n\
to that frame.")
(frame, no_enter)
Lisp_Object frame, no_enter;
......@@ -641,7 +651,7 @@ A frame may not be deleted if its minibuffer is used by other frames.")
/* Don't let the frame remain selected. */
if (f == selected_frame)
Fselect_frame (next_frame (frame, Qt), Qnil);
Fhandle_switch_frame (next_frame (frame, Qt), Qnil);
/* Don't allow minibuf_window to remain on a deleted frame. */
if (EQ (f->minibuffer_window, minibuf_window))
......@@ -1463,6 +1473,7 @@ For values specific to the separate minibuffer frame, see\n\
defsubr (&Sframep);
defsubr (&Sframe_live_p);
defsubr (&Shandle_switch_frame);
defsubr (&Sselect_frame);
defsubr (&Sselected_frame);
defsubr (&Swindow_frame);
......@@ -1503,7 +1514,7 @@ For values specific to the separate minibuffer frame, see\n\
keys_of_frame ()
initial_define_lispy_key (global_map, "switch-frame", "select-frame");
initial_define_lispy_key (global_map, "switch-frame", "handle-switch-frame");
#else /* not MULTI_FRAME */
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