Commit 0fca290d authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third
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Invert y coord of NS image files (bug#7847)

* src/nsterm.m (ns_dumpglyphs_image): Invert y co-ordinate of the image
when compositing.
parent 68f4b529
......@@ -3478,7 +3478,8 @@ Function modeled after x_draw_glyph_string_box ().
NSRect dr = NSMakeRect (x, y, s->slice.width, s->slice.height);
NSRect ir = NSMakeRect (s->slice.x, s->slice.y,
NSRect ir = NSMakeRect (s->slice.x,
s->img->height - s->slice.y - s->slice.height,
s->slice.width, s->slice.height);
[img drawInRect: dr
fromRect: ir
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