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(MS-DOS Display) Explain the differences in cursor type control

on MSDOS terminals.
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......@@ -140,6 +140,26 @@ faces are available and what they look like.
how Emacs displays glyphs and characters which aren't supported by the
native font built into the DOS display.
@cindex cursor shape on MS-DOS
When Emacs starts, it changes the cursor shape to a solid box. This
is for compatibility with the Unix version, where the box cursor is the
default. This default shape can be changed to a bar by specifying the
@code{cursor-type} parameter in the variable @code{default-frame-alist}
(@pxref{Creating Frames}). The MS-DOS terminal doesn't support a
vertical-bar cursor, so the bar cursor is horizontal, and the its
@code{@var{width}} parameter, if specified by the frame parameters,
actually determines its height. As an extension, the bar cursor
specification can include the starting scan line of the cursor as well
as its width, like this:
'(cursor-type bar @var{width} . @var{start})
@end example
In addition, if the @var{width} parameter is negative, the cursor bar
begins at the top of the character cell.
@cindex frames on MS-DOS
Multiple frames (@pxref{Frames}) are supported on MS-DOS, but they all
overlap, so you only see a single frame at any given moment. That
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