Commit 0fd8a324 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(set-face-background): If color is gray, and frame

can't display that directly, use corresponding stipple.
(face-try-color-list): Assume gray colors are valid on any display.
parent 2297e912
......@@ -109,6 +109,10 @@ in that frame; otherwise change each frame."
If the optional FRAME argument is provided, change only
in that frame; otherwise change each frame."
(interactive (internal-face-interactive "background"))
(if (and frame (member color '("gray" "gray1" "gray3"))
(not (x-display-color-p frame))
(not (x-display-grayscale-p frame)))
(set-face-stipple face color frame))
(internal-set-face-1 face 'background color 5 frame))
(defsubst set-face-stipple (face name &optional frame)
......@@ -966,8 +970,9 @@ selected frame."
;; That can't fail, so any subsequent elements after the t are ignored.
(defun face-try-color-list (function face colors frame)
(if (stringp colors)
(if (or (and (not (x-display-color-p)) (not (string= colors "gray")))
(= (x-display-planes) 1))
(if (and (not (member colors '("gray" "gray1" "gray3")))
(or (not (x-display-color-p))
(= (x-display-planes) 1)))
(funcall function face colors frame))
(if (eq colors t)
......@@ -975,9 +980,9 @@ selected frame."
(let (done)
(while (and colors (not done))
(if (and (stringp (car colors))
(or (and (not (x-display-color-p))
(not (string= (car colors) "gray")))
(= (x-display-planes) 1)))
(and (not (member (car colors) '("gray" "gray1" "gray3")))
(or (not (x-display-color-p))
(= (x-display-planes) 1))))
(if (cdr colors)
;; If there are more colors to try, catch errors
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