Commit 0ff61e78 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

Cancel the change done in HEAD on 2004-11-30.

(coding_charset_list): New function.
parent 76c26397
......@@ -5085,6 +5085,30 @@ setup_coding_system (coding_system, coding)
/* Return a list of charsets supported by CODING. */
coding_charset_list (coding)
struct coding_system *coding;
Lisp_Object attrs, charset_list, coding_type;
CODING_GET_INFO (coding, attrs, charset_list);
if (EQ (CODING_ATTR_TYPE (attrs), Qiso_2022))
int flags = XINT (AREF (attrs, coding_attr_iso_flags));
charset_list = Viso_2022_charset_list;
else if (EQ (CODING_ATTR_TYPE (attrs), Qemacs_mule))
charset_list = Vemacs_mule_charset_list;
return charset_list;
/* Return raw-text or one of its subsidiaries that has the same
eol_type as CODING-SYSTEM. */
......@@ -6578,37 +6602,6 @@ code_conversion_restore (arg)
return Qnil;
/* Name (or base name) of work buffer for code conversion. */
static Lisp_Object Vcode_conversion_workbuf_name;
/* Set the current buffer to the working buffer prepared for
code-conversion. MULTIBYTE specifies the multibyteness of the
buffer. */
static struct buffer *
set_conversion_work_buffer (multibyte)
int multibyte;
Lisp_Object buffer;
struct buffer *buf;
buffer = Fget_buffer_create (Vcode_conversion_workbuf_name);
buf = XBUFFER (buffer);
delete_all_overlays (buf);
buf->directory = current_buffer->directory;
buf->read_only = Qnil;
buf->filename = Qnil;
buf->undo_list = Qt;
eassert (buf->overlays_before == NULL);
eassert (buf->overlays_after == NULL);
set_buffer_internal (buf);
if (BEG != BEGV || Z != ZV)
Fwiden ();
del_range_2 (BEG, BEG_BYTE, Z, Z_BYTE, 0);
buf->enable_multibyte_characters = multibyte ? Qt : Qnil;
return buf;
code_conversion_save (with_work_buf, multibyte)
int with_work_buf, multibyte;
......@@ -7026,64 +7019,6 @@ encode_coding_object (coding, src_object, from, from_byte, to, to_byte,
/* Run pre-write-conversion function of CODING on NCHARS/NBYTES
text in *STR. *SIZE is the allocated bytes for STR. As it
is intended that this function is called from encode_terminal_code,
the pre-write-conversion function is run by safe_call and thus
"Error during redisplay: ..." is logged when an error occurs.
Store the resulting text in *STR and set CODING->produced_char and
CODING->produced to the number of characters and bytes
respectively. If the size of *STR is too small, enlarge it by
xrealloc and update *STR and *SIZE. */
run_pre_write_conversin_on_c_str (str, size, nchars, nbytes, coding)
unsigned char **str;
int *size, nchars, nbytes;
struct coding_system *coding;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2;
struct buffer *cur = current_buffer;
Lisp_Object old_deactivate_mark, old_last_coding_system_used;
Lisp_Object args[3];
/* It is not crucial to specbind this. */
old_deactivate_mark = Vdeactivate_mark;
old_last_coding_system_used = Vlast_coding_system_used;
GCPRO2 (old_deactivate_mark, old_last_coding_system_used);
/* We must insert the contents of STR as is without
unibyte<->multibyte conversion. For that, we adjust the
multibyteness of the working buffer to that of STR. */
set_conversion_work_buffer (coding->src_multibyte);
insert_1_both (*str, nchars, nbytes, 0, 0, 0);
inhibit_pre_post_conversion = 1;
args[0] = coding->pre_write_conversion;
args[1] = make_number (BEG);
args[2] = make_number (Z);
safe_call (3, args);
inhibit_pre_post_conversion = 0;
Vdeactivate_mark = old_deactivate_mark;
Vlast_coding_system_used = old_last_coding_system_used;
coding->produced_char = Z - BEG;
coding->produced = Z_BYTE - BEG_BYTE;
if (coding->produced > *size)
*size = coding->produced;
*str = xrealloc (*str, *size);
if (BEG < GPT && GPT < Z)
move_gap (BEG);
bcopy (BEG_ADDR, *str, coding->produced);
= ! NILP (current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters);
set_buffer_internal (cur);
preferred_coding_system ()
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