Commit 0ffc9cef authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Update admin/authors.el

* admin/authors.el (authors-fixed-entries): Add an entry for Bob
parent 0ad74106
......@@ -621,6 +621,8 @@ Changes to files in this list are not listed.")
;; windowsnt.h to ms-w32.h.
("Geoff Voelker" :wrote "w32-fns.el" "w32.c" "w32.h" "w32heap.c"
"w32heap.h" "w32inevt.c" "w32proc.c" "w32term.c" "ms-w32.h")
("Bob Weiner" :changed "dframe.el" "etags.c" "info.el" "quail.el"
"rmail.el" "rmailsum.el" "speedbar.el")
("Morten Welinder" :wrote "dosfns.c" "[many MS-DOS files]" "msdos.h")
("Eli Zaretskii" :wrote "bidi.c" "[bidirectional display in xdisp.c]"
"[tty menus in term.c]")
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