Commit 100a4141 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(org-agenda-sunrise-sunset): Require solar.

(calendar-longitude, calendar-latitude, calendar-location-name):
Declare for compiler.
parent 719b64c2
......@@ -22728,12 +22728,17 @@ the cursor position."
(org-agenda-execute-calendar-command 'list-calendar-holidays))
(defvar calendar-longitude)
(defvar calendar-latitude)
(defvar calendar-location-name)
(defun org-agenda-sunrise-sunset (arg)
"Display sunrise and sunset for the cursor date.
Latitude and longitude can be specified with the variables
`calendar-latitude' and `calendar-longitude'. When called with prefix
argument, latitude and longitude will be prompted for."
(interactive "P")
(require 'solar)
(let ((calendar-longitude (if arg nil calendar-longitude))
(calendar-latitude (if arg nil calendar-latitude))
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