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2003-08-18 Kim F. Storm <>
* kmacro.el (kmacro-keymap): Group related bindings in
initialization for clarity. Bind C-s to start macro.
Remove C-r binding.
(kmacro-initial-counter-value): New defvar to hold initial counter
value in case we set the value before defining a macro.
(kmacro-insert-counter): Clear kmacro-initial-counter-value..
(kmacro-set-counter): Set kmacro-initial-counter-value if we are
not defining or executing macro. Doc fix.
(kmacro-add-counter): Clear kmacro-initial-counter-value.
(kmacro-view-last-item, kmacro-view-item-no): New defvars used to
temporarily view older elements on the macro ring without cycling
the ring.
(kmacro-display): Doc fix.
(kmacro-exec-ring-item): New helper function.
(kmacro-call-ring-2nd): Use it.
(kmacro-call-ring-2nd-repeat): Doc fix.
(kmacro-start-macro): Use (and clear) kmacro-initial-counter-value.
(kmacro-end-or-call-macro): Execute last viewed macro (using
kmacro-exec-ring-item) from ring if this follows
kmacro-view-macro. This allows us to find a macro on the ring
with C-x C-k C-v C-v ... and execute it (with C-k) without cycling
the ring to bring it to the head of the ring.
(kmacro-bind-to-key): Doc fix (describe reserved bindings).
Allow binding to reserved keys without specifying C-x C-k prefix.
Ask for confirmation if entered key sequence is already bound to
a non-macro command.
(kmacro-view-macro): Repeating command will show older elements
on the macro ring; C-k will execute the last viewed macro.
(kmacro-view-macro-repeat): Doc fix. Change its kmacro-repeat
property from 'ring to 'head.
2003-08-17 Luc Teirlinck <>
* info.el (Info-scroll-prefer-subnodes): Add :version keyword to
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