Commit 1043cd30 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Fix out-of-source make-dist problems

Problem with jisx2131-filter reported by Phillip Lord in:
* admin/charsets/ (SED_SCRIPT):
Put it in $(srcdir), which is not necessarily the working directory.
($(SED_SCRIPT)): Rename from jisx2131-filter.  All uses changed.
(clean): Do not remove SED_SCRIPT.
(extraclean): Remove it here instead.
* make-dist (possibly_non_vc_files): Remove src/emacs-module.h.
Although it is portable and could be distributed in the tarball,
it's too much hassle to do that, so let each builder make it.
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......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ MULE = \ \
SED_SCRIPT = jisx2131-filter
SED_SCRIPT = $(srcdir)/jisx2131-filter
TRANS_TABLE = cp51932.el eucjp-ms.el
TRANS_TABLE := $(addprefix ${lispintdir}/,${TRANS_TABLE})
......@@ -200,12 +200,13 @@ ${charsetdir}/ ${GLIBC_CHARMAPS}/EUC-JP.gz ${mapconv}
${charsetdir}/ ${GLIBC_CHARMAPS}/EUC-JP.gz ${mapconv} ${compact}
${AM_V_GEN}${run_mapconv} $< '/^<.*[ ]\/x8f/ s,/x8f,,' GLIBC-2-7 ${compact} > $@
jisx2131-filter: ${mapfiledir}/
$(SED_SCRIPT): ${mapfiledir}/
${AM_V_at}sed -n -e '/^#/d' -e 's,.*0x\([0-9A-Z]*\)$$,/0x0*\1$$/d,p' < $< > $@
${charsetdir}/ ${GLIBC_CHARMAPS}/EUC-JISX0213.gz ${mapconv} jisx2131-filter
${charsetdir}/ ${GLIBC_CHARMAPS}/EUC-JISX0213.gz ${mapconv} \
${AM_V_GEN}${run_mapconv} $< '/^<.*[ ]\/x[a-f]/' GLIBC-2-7 \
| sed -f jisx2131-filter \
| sed -f $(SED_SCRIPT) \
| sed -e 's/0x2015/0x2014/' -e 's/0x2299/0x29BF/' > $@
${charsetdir}/ ${GLIBC_CHARMAPS}/EUC-JISX0213.gz ${mapconv}
......@@ -307,7 +308,6 @@ ${charsetdir}/ ${GLIBC_CHARMAPS}/%.gz ${mapconv} ${compact}
.PHONY: clean bootstrap-clean distclean maintainer-clean extraclean
rm -f ${SED_SCRIPT}
bootstrap-clean: clean
......@@ -318,4 +318,4 @@ maintainer-clean: distclean
## Do not remove these files, even in a bootstrap. They rarely change.
rm -f ${CHARSETS} ${TRANS_TABLE} ${srcdir}/charsets.stamp
rm -f ${CHARSETS} ${SED_SCRIPT} ${TRANS_TABLE} ${srcdir}/charsets.stamp
......@@ -371,7 +371,7 @@ possibly_non_vc_files="
MANIFEST aclocal.m4 configure
src/ src/emacs-module.h
find admin doc etc lisp \
\( -name '*.el' -o -name '*.elc' -o -name '*.map' -o -name '*.stamp' \
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