Commit 104ad648 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Magic File Names): Add file-remote-p. Clarify file-local-copy.

parent a756468d
......@@ -2461,15 +2461,22 @@ for comparison with @code{inhibit-file-name-operation}.
@end defun
@defun file-local-copy filename
This function copies file @var{filename} to an ordinary non-magic file,
if it isn't one already.
If @var{filename} specifies a magic file name, which programs
outside Emacs cannot directly read or write, this copies the contents to
an ordinary file and returns that file's name.
This function copies file @var{filename} to an ordinary non-magic file
on the local machine, if it isn't on the local machine already. Magic
file names should handle the @code{file-local-copy} operation if they
refer to files on other machines. A magic file name that is used for
other purposes than remote file access should not handle
@code{file-local-copy}; then this function will treat the file as
If @var{filename} is local, whether magic or not, this function does
nothing and returns @code{nil}. Otherwise it returns the file name
of the local copy file.
@end defun
If @var{filename} is an ordinary file name, not magic, then this function
does nothing and returns @code{nil}.
@defun file-remote-p filename
This functions return @code{t} if @var{filename} is a remote file---that is,
a magic file name that handles @code{file-local-copy}.
@end defun
@defun unhandled-file-name-directory filename
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